Pogo Progress

Benefits for Parents

Child-Centred. Learning. Assessment.

Supporting Parents

Parents want to support their children, but do not have the curriculum knowledge to assist.

Pogo Progress provides dynamic and personalised curriculums to help parents support their children.

Work with confidence, develop their confidence!

Why Wait for Parents’ Evening?

Assessment made easy. Clearly see where your child’s strengths lie and areas to develop. Easily snap their work to record evidence of your assessments. Use our team of teachers to create a personalised curriculum.

Exam Database

Free downloads from our exam database. The exams automatically assign to your child’s profiles. Easily track exam performances before any important exams.

Why Parents Enjoy Pogo Progress:

  • Clearly identifiable strengths and targets
  • Curriculum knowledge and confidence
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Update progress following homework tasks
  • Easily upload work from your phone
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