Pogo Progress

Child-Centred. Learning. Assessment.

Pogo Progress. Assessment. Progress. Fluency.

Pogo Progress supports, helping tutors teach and children learn.

Personalised curriculums to assist tutors’ planning, teaching and assessment.

Provides tutors with knowledge and confidence to enhance their teaching.






Complete time-saving assessment that provides meaningful data and scaffolds learners.

Pogo Progress is designed by teachers who care about children’s progress.

Pogo Progress benefits everyone involved in a child’s learning journey.

Easily identify a child’s strengths and areas for development.

Personalised Curriculums

Based on the National Curriculums, tutors can carefully assign areas of learning to assure there are no gaps in their student’s learning. Pogo Progress monitors and communicates a child’s attainment against curriculum statements. Our smart monitoring system will clearly display strengths and areas for development with each child’s learning.

Assessment on the Move

Pogo Progress is quick and easy to use!

Tutors can assess their student’s progress in less than one minute.

Parents can view progress with ease from mobile devices.

Increase Standards

Pogo Progress is a simple and extremely effective tool to support your tutors. Increase your tutors’ curriculum knowledge by offering clear and personalised curriculum statements.

Provide your valued tutors with an easily navigational and sophisticated platform to track progress.

Plan, teach, assess, repeat.

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